Road transportation


Road transportation is fast, flexible and safe means of delivering cargo loads. According to the size, weight and value of the load we will choose to transport your shipments by different vehicles - from low-tonnage trucks to wagons.

Reliable cars, fitted to various complex transporting or environmental conditions of the different regions, honest and competitive drivers and insured civil activity of the company are crucial factors that guarantee the safety of the cargo loads as well as fast and professional delivery.

As the policy of our company seeks to ensure safety and professionalism, we not only take care of the transit but also of the transhipments of the loads. To assure safer load delivery we use special tools, namely consolidation, air–cushions and many others.

We offer the following services:

  • Urgent transportation of small, part and full cargo loads to / from Europe and CIS countries

  • Transportation of personal or other valuable shipments

  •  Additional cargo load insurance
  • The multimodal transportation services

  • The delivery of goods from EU and China to Russia

The combination of road, rail and air transportation enables the shipping of loads from/to all over the world.