Multimodal freight


Multimodal transportation of goods combines the capabilities of air, sea, rail and road mode of delivery of goods.

This type of transportation used to deliver cargo to the remote part of the world, as in this case it is not possible to use only one form of transport. Our company has established relationships with partners in all corners of the globe that allows us to quickly fulfill any order for multimodal transportation. We carry out delivery of cargos from Western and Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries, CIS, China, te American continent, Australia and Africa.

Fulfilling international multimodal transport “door to door”, our company takes full responsibility for the delivery. Individual approach gives our professionals the opportunity to offer in each case the most effective scheme of delivery, allowing to minimize costs and maximize speed rendering forwarding services. Full control and management of freight carried by a personal manager, provided to each customer, who discusses every step of delivery.

For the organization of transportation we carry out:

  • the development of individual transport schemes, the optimal ratio of the time and cost of delivery

  • organization of cargo transportation in the country of origin, transit and destination

  • registration of transport (shipping) documents in the country of origin, transit and destination

  • advice shipper and consignee about the completeness and content of the export documents requested by the competent authorities of the country of destination

  • assistance in customs clearance in the country of origin and destination

  • providing information on the location of goods at various stages of transportation

Our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our services. Here You can take advantage of the most profitable and convenient service.