Road transportation

Road transportation is a fast, flexible and safe means of delivering cargo loads.

According to the size, weight and value of the load we will choose to transport your shipments by tilt semi-trailers (90 m3), road trains (115 m3) or refrigerators.

Rail transportation

Regardless of the season of the year or other climatic conditions, rail transportation remains a superior means of delivering cargo loads. Trains can transport small, huge and non-standard loads.

Although this means of transportation requires more time than transportation by road, the safety of the loads, ensured by the metal frame of the wagon, does not suffer.

Air transportation

We are happy to offer air transportation services to our clients, the main advantage of it being the fastest delivery times.

Air transportation is also beneficial for its reliability and frequency of delivery.


Multimodal transportation of goods combines the capabilities of air, sea, rail and road mode of delivery of goods.

This type of transportation used to deliver cargo to the remote part of the world, as in this case it is not possible to use only one form of transport.

Castoms clearing

MK-Trans Company carries out the customs clearance of goods transported in any direction.

We quickly and accurately solve any customs issues of our customers.


  • logistics solutions and consultations;

  • storage of goods in bonded and regular warehouse, loading / unloading procedures;

  • order processing and detailed stock management;

Do your best or nothing! M.K-TRANS.


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forwarding company «M.K-Trans»!


«M.K-Trans» provides quality service for the organization and delivery of cargo. We work within the established deadlines. Our qualified specialists will always help You determine which way of transportation in Your case is the most suitable for the carriage of goods. Having a reliable and proven long-term relationship partners in the Europe, the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia and China we are pleased to offer competitive rates and the best and most profitable routes.

«M.K-Trans» offers the following services:

  • Trucking

  • Rail freight

  • Air freight

  • Multimodal freight

  • Transportation of oversized cargo

  • Cargo Insurance

  • Warehousing
  • Аssistance in customs clearance in the country of origin and destination

We will be happy to answer Your questions on the organization of shipping and are always ready to discuss our rates and terms.

Why do people choose us?

A client is always interested in safety and quickness of order fulfillment. Thus all the freights carried out by our company do always correspond to the international norms of safety and integrity. Nowadays finding a transport is not a problem, though choosing a proper transportation company, which corresponds to all international requirements, is rather difficult.

Thank You for choosing «M.K-Trans»!